10 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator
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10 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator





The trucking industry is in need of drivers, with golden opportunities and attractive benefits for those who are interested in becoming an owner-operator.

What is an owner-operator exactly?

An owner-operator is an independent freight hauler who owns a long-haul truck and leases out their services to businesses who need shipping. They manage their own workload and schedule.

Does that sound good to you? Here are 10 more reasons to become an owner-operator!

1. It’s time for a career change

You can jump right into truck driving and start making money. There is a demand for drivers, so work is plentiful. Plus, you can get away from the desk and travel the country’s scenic highways instead!

2. You’re the boss!

That means if there is something you don’t like about your business, you can change it.

3. You can lease to a carrier

If you want a safety net, you can always lease your services to a carrier, but still, be your own boss.

4. The routes are up to you

While company drivers must follow the routes given to them, owner-operators can take any route they want!

5. Tax savings

As an owner-operator, there are many tax deductions you can enjoy that company drivers don’t qualify for. 

6. You can make your own schedule

Want to be home for Christmas? As an owner-operator, you can choose how much time you want to be on the road, so you can be with your loved ones.

7. You can choose the jobs you want

Truck driving jobs are plentiful, and as an owner-operator, the sky’s the limit- make your own choices and do the jobs you enjoy!

8. You’re in control of your profit

Do you want to work part-time or full-time? Being an owner-operator means you don’t have a cap on your salary, you can work as much as you want to reach your goals.

9. You own your truck

There’s no feeling like that owning your own rig, and you have the freedom to customize it as you wish.

10. The speed limit is up to you

There are no speed limiters tracking your speed when you’re an owner-operator- you’re the boss! Of course, always follow the road rules and prioritize safety.

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