3 Easy Ways to Avoid Overweight Truck Fines
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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Overweight Truck Fines





When you’re a truck driver, it’s inevitable that you’ll be stopping at weigh stations, and if you’re truck is overweight, this could lead to fines that settle on the driver’s shoulders, even if it’s the shipper that handled the loading.

No one wants to get stuck paying fines, especially since a driver can end up with a mark on their driving record. 

But what can one do to avoid an overweight fee?

In our post, we share 3 easy ways to prepare for the fateful weigh station and keep pesky fines at bay.

Apply for Your Own Permit

One of the surest ways to avoid fines is to invest in an oversized permit. If you find that you're being issued overweight fines regularly, this is probably the best route to take. After all, wouldn't you rather pay for a permit instead of constantly dishing out for fines (and a mark on your record)?

Oversized permits vary from state to state, so the smartest course of action would be to call your state department and inquire about the regulations and how to apply for the right permit. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're backed up in case you get to the weigh station and the scales start to tip.

Purchase Your Own Weighing Device

Investing in a weighing device provides a safety net for drivers to nip the overweight problem in the bud before embarking on a trip.

Granted, you’ll have to stay on top of keeping the device calibrated and you most likely won’t get a 100% accurate weigh, but it’s enough to judge whether the load is overweight.

If you decide that your truck is too heavy, contact the shipper to discuss what can be done so you’re covered. Oftentimes, the shipper can cover the cost of a fine or contact the Department of Transportation for special oversized permits.

Be Proactive

Finally, there are several small, quick hacks that businesses can incorporate into the daily workplace practices to cut down on extra truck weight. After all, the responsibility shouldn’t be completely left to the driver.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure the load is securely loaded so the weight is evenly distributed throughout the trailer. 
  • Ensure trucks and equipment are inspected regularly and maintained for efficiency.
  • Implement driver training that teaches them how to calculate truck weight.
  • Have overweight permits on hand and ready to use in case of an overweight distinction.


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