3 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Sustainable in 2021
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3 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Sustainable in 2021





It’s 2021, and consumer demand has never been higher. Thanks to eCommerce and the popularity of online shopping, global supply chains are grinding out products to meet expectations, and with that comes increased waste and greenhouse emissions.

At a time when consumer demand is skyrocketing, there is also a burgeoning consumer awareness regarding sustainability. More and more consumers are making eco-conscious buying decisions based on how ethical a company is and how they are doing their part to lessen their carbon footprint.

Supply chains aren’t being overlooked either, and it’s plain to see why. Studies show that over 90% of environmental damage is caused by packaged goods, while 80% of greenhouse gases come from supply chains.

Luckily, by implementing a few changes you can make your supply chain more sustainable and the planet a teeny bit happier. Here’s how!

Simplify your supply chain processes

It all starts with baby steps, and by focusing on the little ways you can simplify your supply chain, the more waste you can reduce by pinpointing exactly where it’s coming from.

One major way to simplify is by implementing the latest supply chain management software and technology. You are able to streamline and organize records, have less reliance on paper and improve transparency across the chain.

Cut back on fossil fuels with intermodal drayage

Until fully electric trucks are zooming around on the highways, one major area of the transportation sector that could use a green boost is drayage. The amount of fuel consumed and the emissions expelled leave a lot to be desired, but the good news is that you can opt for intermodal to split up your modes and ship via rail. Trains are more sustainable, using less fuel and giving off less emissions. Plus, they help optimize route planning, which is another area to focus on when greenin’ up the supply chain.

Consolidate Shipments

Empty containers are a waste. A trailer only filled halfway and traveling coast to coast is a waste. When multiple shippers consolidate shipments in order to fill up one container, this not only uses up space, but it means one truck is hauling instead of 3 or 4. That’s less fuel and less emissions all around. Plus, this generally means cost savings for shippers!

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