4 Tips for Choosing the Best Warehouse for Your Shipment
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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Warehouse for Your Shipment





Your goods have arrived at the port, but there’s a delay and you need to find a warehouse fast. There’s much to consider, and you feel those stress levels rising as costs pile up. How can you choose the best warehouse for your shipment?

Here’s what to consider…

What are the specifications of the products you’re shipping?

First jot down the size of your order and check the warehouse capacity. Even better, look for warehouses that store similar products to yours. This can help cut down on fees, since they already have the type of storage and supplies for your unique goods. They’ll also have experience with how to handle your type of shipment, so you know you’re getting the right care.

How do they track inventory?

This is important, because you want to know the status of your shipment when it’s stored away with hundreds of other goods. Inquire about the warehouse management system used for inventory control. What plan do they have in place for organization and handling? Do they have an online management system? The more technologically advanced, the more accurate and efficient service you’ll receive.

Are any ISO certifications available?

ISO certificates are more for peace of mind that the warehouse prioritizes customer service and will ensure your shipment is in the most capable hands. Remember, the supply chain is like a domino effect, so the service decisions made by the warehouse will reflect on you in the eyes of your customers.

Where is the warehouse located?

If you’re utilizing intermodal drayage for your shipment, then location is important to ensure the best route planning. Before making your choice, look at how close the warehouse is in conjunction to the rail ramps or highways your shipment will be traveling on. By choosing a strategic location to store, you can cut down on fuel costs and avoid potential delays.

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