4 Tips for Truckers to Save on Fuel
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4 Tips for Truckers to Save on Fuel





Gas prices are still increasing, so it’s no secret that everyone is looking for ways to save on fuel, especially truck drivers. 

In fact, it’s estimated that the US trucking industry alone burns up to 38 billion gallons of diesel each year. That’s why it’s more important than ever for truck drivers to prioritize how money is spent on fuel. 

In this blog post, we share some easy tips to start saving immediately on your next trip!

Put a Stop to Speeding

Not only is speeding dangerous, but it burns fuel like crazy. Did you know that by just going 5 mph over the speed limit you decrease your fuel economy by 7%? Speeding is unnecessary, and the simple solution is to slow down!

Turn down the Air Conditioner

Sure, you want to be comfortable and cool when driving for hours, especially when the weather is scorching. But if you’re trying to save fuel, the AC is a well-known culprit for burning gasoline. 

Compromise by cutting down on AC use and instead, rolling down the windows. There’s nothing like a fresh breeze to keep you attentive, and it’s perfect to get some air circulation going for improved air quality within your rig.

Tune Into Traffic

Even though traffic slows you down, it still creates a gas-guzzling situation if you have to stop and go frequently. Every time you’re giving your truck gas to move from a stopped position, a lot of gas is used up in order to power your rig forward.  

Keep an eye on traffic conditions and change routes if possible to avoid getting stuck. You can also utilize cruise control on the highway to save on fuel.

How to Save with Diesel

The first thing to note when pumping gas is to always use the grade recommended by your truck’s manufacturer. Here are some other crucial tips to note:

  • Don’t push your tank to empty- fill up beforehand. 
  • Minimize vapors by pumping at a low setting.
  • Fill up first thing in the morning before hitting the road so you can properly gauge how much is used within a certain period.

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