Don't Make These 3 ELD Mistakes!
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Don't Make These 3 ELD Mistakes!





The ELD (electronic logging device) is a tracking device installed on semi-trucks to make it easier for logistics teams to record, manage, and store important data while on the road. 

The goal is to create a safer environment for drivers, and since a few states mandated it in 2018, others have followed suit.

For seasoned drivers, the ELD is probably nothing more than a second thought, but for new drivers coming onto the scene, it can take some time to master the learning curve. 

There is no room for error, and if you get pulled over for an inspection, any logbook mistakes can lead to possible fines.

That’s why in this post, we discuss the three most common ELD mistakes newbie drivers make and how to avoid them.

1. Always keep a paper backup

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that since everything is going to be digitally recorded you no longer have to toil away doing paperwork.

Not so fast. While seasoned drivers might be able to get away with ditching the pen, the same isn’t a good idea for novice drivers. 

A lack of training and malfunctions can lead to a spotty logbook, and that’s one of the things an officer will look at if you get pulled over.

That’s why it’s important to spend time learning how your ELD functions from top to bottom, and keep writing everything down as a backup in case your ELD is incorrect.

2. Be mindful with how you mount the ELD

Another common mistake is where the driver mounts the device. Some new drivers might stash it in a pants pocket or toss it onto the passenger seat, but it really should be clearly visible at all times.

A simple tablet or smartphone mount is suitable for placing your ELD in an easy-to-reach spot. There are tilted mounts that can be moved around and ones that detach, so you can grab it quickly in case of an inspection.

3. Go back and edit

One of the easiest ways to avoid fines is to simply go back and look over your logbook. 

Life gets busy on the road, so it’s understandable that some information may be entered incorrectly, but the thing is there are some drivers that are purposely changing the information so it’s to their advantage.

Officers are cracking down on this issue, but you can avoid getting pegged as a bad apple by editing your records and refreshing your knowledge on how to use an ELD by reading the guidebooks or watching videos.

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