Everything You need to Know About Truck Driving School
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Everything You need to Know About Truck Driving School





The demand for truck drivers continues to soar across the country, making it a lucrative career path to take, with plenty of jobs available for new drivers to start immediately. 

Trucking is a career that doesn’t require a four-year college degree, which opens the scope to those interested. 

Generally speaking, truckers are required to have a high school diploma or GED and a CDL license. However, eligibility requirements vary by state, so it’s important to do your research. For example, some states may require a physical examination and/or a road test. 

There’s also truck driving school. But, do you need to attend? 

While truck driving school isn’t a requirement, it is a great way to see if the road is the right fit for you, as well as prepare you for tests ahead, whether it be for the CDL and/or road test. 

Classes are often taught by trucking vets, who have first-hand experience with the tests and roads. Truck driving school also connects you with the truck driving world, presenting you with the opportunity to score a job after the course is completed. 

What to Know When Choosing a School

When choosing a trucking school, it's important to start by researching the different schools in your area and what is offered. Every trucking school offers something different, such as class size, curriculum, and more. 

By getting in touch with various schools and asking questions, you can make sure to pick one that aligns with your goals and interests, depending on state requirements. 

What Can You Expect to Learn?

The main purpose of truck driving school is to prepare you for the CDL test. In class, teachers will carefully guide students through the CDL process, leaving no room for surprises and fully preparing them for the test day. 

Outside of test prep, trucking school will also provide knowledge on the rules of the road, trucking maneuvers such as parking and reversing, and tips for driving safely for long hours on the highway. 

Another plus of attending trucking school is the ability to learn from experienced trucking vets. Your teachers provide genuine tips gleaned from years on the road, giving you unique advice you might not find anywhere else.

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