Helpful Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Rest at a Truck Stop
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Helpful Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Rest at a Truck Stop





After monotonous hours spent on the road, getting a good night's rest is vital for truck drivers to stay on top of their game. But, it’s easier said than done.

Not only is a good night’s sleep crucial to health, but you must take time to rest in order to stay in line with hours of service (HOS) regulations. 

Truck stops are great options for those on a tight schedule. Rather than having to make detours at hotels/ motels along the road, truck stops are convenient since you can usually find one on your route, saving you time. 

Here are some helpful tips to get the best sleep at a truck stop.

Safety First

When traveling along the road, truck stops often carry a reputation for being a hot spot for prospecting thieves. With that being said, it is important to think smart and be observant when planning to sleep at a truck stop. 

Avoid isolation and desolate areas! Though they may sound good for sleeping, you definitely don’t want to be “all by your lonesome” while trying to rest in a truck stop. 

Park in between other cars or trucks and avoid dimly lit areas. 

Look for pull-through spots. These allow an easy escape route if need be. Most truck spots provide pull-through spots for big rigs, but if this isn’t an option, back into the spot for a speedy getaway.

Utilize surveillance software if possible, and always check (and double-check) that all of your doors are securely locked. 

Sleeping Soundly

After safety comes comfort. There are plenty of effective sleep aids designed especially for life on the road. Even if it’s an extra investment, you can’t put a price on health!

Here are some of our driver favorites:

Mattress topper: A quality mattress topper can provide you with the critical hours of rest your body craves. Rather than reclining your driver's seat, laying out a mattress topper gives optimal comfort and back support with minimal effort required. You can easily purchase a mattress topper online or at a local supercenter.

White Noise Machine: In case you are a light sleeper, white noise machines produce calming background noises (almost like TV static) that will lull you into a dreamy sleep. White noise machines are also great for blocking out any outside noises, like passing traffic or running engines. Plus, white noise machines are battery-powered, portable, and take up minimal space.

Sunshade: Sunshades are a huge help for those who are sensitive to light and need complete darkness to fall asleep. Not only does it block out light from the sun (or that bright street lamp you parked under), but also gives an added element of privacy.

Humidifier and Portable Fan: Maintaining an ideal temperature goes hand-in-hand with a comfortable night’s rest. Traveling with a humidifier can balance the humidity levels, while a portable fan can help keep the temperature down as you call it a night.

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