Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Delivery Stays Streamlined to the Last Mile
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Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Delivery Stays Streamlined to the Last Mile





As most logistic professionals know, the final mile of a shipment can be the trickiest stage of the entire process. In fact, the final mile accounts for up to 28% of overall logistics costs. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that the final mile is organized in a methodical way to produce the most efficient and cost-effective results. 

The steady rise in online shopping has certainly made the supply chain more demanding, putting pressure on logistic companies and truck drivers to get deliveries completed within a tight time frame. 

Though it may seem stressful, there are ways to ensure that your final leg runs smoothly. That starts with developing a smart supply chain strategy. Not only does this ensure a streamlined last leg, but it can boost customer satisfaction, reduce the risk of delays, and save on extra costs. 

Here are a few tricks to set your supply chain up for success.

Utilize Supply Chain Management Technology

The rise of technology has made an impact on how all industries operate, especially in the logistics industry. 

Supply chain management technology instantly boosts the efficiency of your supply chain, creating transparency across operations with the instant completion of paperwork, record keeping, real-time status updates, and open communication lines. 

When it comes to technology, there are plenty of advanced software programs to choose from, and as a logistics professional, it is up to you to decide which software best matches your supply chain needs. 

Some examples include a program that sends your customers step-by-step shipping updates or software that recommends the best carrier type for your specific load.

The Importance of Clear Communication

When you hit the last mile (or anywhere in the shipment process) clear communication with your customers is vital. Having clear communication on both ends ensures that everyone in the process will be on the same page, hence nixing mix-ups or confusion. 

Once more, technology comes into play here, with plenty of tools to keep visibility clear along the supply chain. Enabling SMS or other tracking programs keeps your customers up to date with the delivery process.

Furthermore, since visibility is open, you as a professional can easily see the areas of operation that are smooth and the areas that need improvement.

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