How Does LTL Shipping Work?
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How Does LTL Shipping Work?





Less Than Load (LTL) shipping is the common term used to describe smaller loads that do not fill up one trailer for shipping. 

Instead, many separate smaller shipments will be loaded into a single trailer and delivered to multiple destinations in one trip. These smaller parcels are typically arranged on pallets and weigh between150-10,000 lbs.

3 benefits of LTL shipping services

LTL shipping offers numerous benefits, including…

1. It’s cost-effective

You save money on trailer space because you only pay for the small amount of space you take up. The rest of the space is paid for by other shippers sharing the cost with their LTL shipments.

2. LTL shipping reduces carbon emissions

By sharing a truckload, fewer trucks are needed to make deliveries. This reduces carbon emissions considerably and is also more energy-efficient.

3. Helps small businesses

Small businesses don’t need to pay the high shipping prices that large-scale businesses pay. Instead, LTL is more suited to their needs, helping to streamline local supply chains and boost local economies.

3 Challenges of LTL shipping services

There are also a few challenges of LTL shipping to be aware of...

1. Time

While LTL shipping is cost-effective because you share a truckload, this also means that it might take longer to ship since multiple deliveries need to be made in one trip. The best way to combat this is to plan accordingly to accommodate delays or longer shipping times.

2. Shipment management

As with any supply chain, it’s important to pay attention to the details. One mishap can be costly, and for LTL this applies to factors such as weight, pickup & drop off, and freight class. Utilize technology such as a Transportation Management System (TMS) to streamline the process, saving time, and money.

3. Choosing the best carrier

There are multiple carriers that offer LTL shipping services, but compare a few to get an idea of the best rates. ONTRAK specializes in truckload services, with a professional network that stretches across America.

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