How to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021
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How to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2021





Have you ever stopped to ponder how your favorite products get delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days? Isn’t it wonderful to be able to run down to your local pharmacy and buy the medicine you need at the drop of a hat?

The items we take for granted every day are stocked on store shelves because someone delivered them there- our nation’s truck drivers!

This is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 12-18) and it’s time to show gratitude to the frontline heroes who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure food, medicine, and other important supplies are transported without delays.

Truckers put their health and safety on the line every day, traveling to even the most remote corners of the US to deliver the products that people rely on for survival.

And, remember that it’s not just food and medicine. Truckers play a pivotal role at every level of the economy.

From transporting oversize loads such as construction machinery to aerospace components, and handling hazardous materials, they take on highly dangerous, difficult deliveries that require expertise and safety.

That’s why this week is dedicated to truck drivers, who are often working behind the scenes by traveling hours day in and out to make sure the economy keeps pumping. 

If you have a loved one who is a trucker or you work with a team of drivers, take the time to show them your appreciation. There are plenty of ways to celebrate! We share a few of our favorite ideas below.

  • Make a card or give a gift card
  • Offer a special gift
  • Treat them to dinner or lunch
  • Offer a truck service or detailing service
  • Throw a BBQ or office party
  • Donate to a trucking organization or charity
  • Call your local radio and dedicate a song
  • Make a poster with a heartfelt message and hold it up on the highway when you pass a truck

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