How to Prevent Freight Damages While Shipping
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How to Prevent Freight Damages While Shipping





One of a shipper’s worst nightmare’s might be for a shipment to finally arrive at its destination, but then it’s discovered that it was damaged during transit. 

Shipping damages are no doubt disappointing for both the shipper and customer, but also it can be downright costly. In this blog post, we share a few tricks to keep your shipment safe and pristine while on the go.

Know Your Product

One of the best ways to prevent damages is to test out the durability of the product you are shipping. 

Experiment with different packaging materials and techniques to find what best suits your product and provides the most cushioning. 

You can also implement “test runs” by sending out shipments around the same weight and volume, giving you an idea of how it might be when shipping the actual product.

Protect Against Moisture

Condensation is one of the common causes of damages to a shipment. When a metal container is traveling through different climates, moisture builds, resulting in corrosion and mildew if left unchecked. 

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to kick moisture to the curb. For one, you can use pressure sensitive plastic tape to package goods. This type of tape is resistant to odors and moisture. 

Place dessicants inside the container in key spots where moisture builds. The dessicants absorb water vapor, keeping the air within the container dry. 

Inside the Warehouse

The warehouse is a place where accidents and damages can happen if operations are not properly organized.

There should be a layout geared towards safety and efficiency. Shipments should be stored in a way that’s clear of aisles and easy to access. 

Make sure the right equipment is used to handle products, such as a forklift. Minimize risks by regularly sweeping away debris on the floor that can cause slips and falls.

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