Quick Tips for Shipping Perishables With a Reefer
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Quick Tips for Shipping Perishables With a Reefer





Reefers are specialized containers used to ship perishable items such as meat, dairy, produce, medicine, cosmetics and anything else that must be kept at a specific temperature to stay in good condition. These specialized containers have their own climate control systems, like a refrigerator in your kitchen, so shippers can set the temperature to protect their cargo.

It can feel intimidating to ship perishables, but with the right research you can be ready for anything the world of transportation throws at you- even a trailer overflowing with melted ice cream. Read our tips for climate control success!

Route plan like a pro

Be meticulous when planning your routes so that your cargo gets to its final destination on time, with as little risk as possible. Consider using an intermodal strategy that combines more than one mode of transport-such as rail and truck. This helps streamline the trip, and rail is a fast, efficient way to travel long distances.

Know your cargo

Perishable items need a bit more attention than a lot of other products, because well- one wrong move can spell out disaster, and then that melted ice cream nightmare comes to life. Know your product inside out and exactly what it needs to be kept in pristine condition. Outline the best packaging and packing to keep it protected during the trip.

Check air-circulation

One of the most important steps you must take before shipping perishables is checking the air circulation inside the reefer container. This ensures that the temperature throughout the packaged cargo stays uniform and consistent for optimal freshness. Remember to pre-cool the cargo before loading it into the reefer to avoid as much damage from the sun or outside elements as possible.

Label everything properly

This one goes without saying- but after labeling your cargo, go ahead and check it to make sure there are no mistakes. Shipping essentials like food and pharmaceuticals calls for meticulous care, and if packages are accidentally misplaced, this can lead to financial loss and product waste if you can’t locate it quickly.

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