Smart Trucking Practices as the Summer Heats Up
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Smart Trucking Practices as the Summer Heats Up





The summer is heating up, and truck drivers need to stay safe while on the road! Scorching temperatures not only affect your truck but also health- unless appropriate measures are taken to combat heat-related issues.

We share 6 tips for truck drivers to beat the heat.

1. Stock up on sun protection

Guess what- you can still get sunburnt even while sitting in your truck (does “trucker’s arm” ring a bell?). Always keep sunscreen stashed in an easily accessible location, and wear lightweight, breathable shirts and hats.

2. Invest in quality sunglasses

Those cheap gas station sunglasses? They aren’t doing you any favors! Save your eyesight and prevent blinding sunlight from impairing your driving with high-quality polarized sunglasses

3. Stay hydrated

Water doesn’t just quench thirst- it’s important for your health when the temperatures rise. Staying hydrated boosts energy levels and helps you to concentrate better. It can improve your complexion too. Always keep a water bottle handy and aim for drinking 8 cups per day. Many gas stations and truck stops offer free water, just ask!

4. Vacation traffic

During the summer, many families are on the road vacationing. Before you embark, double-check your routes for traffic and adjust as necessary to avoid congestion in popular areas.

5. Be weather-ready

During the summer, certain regions of the US experience heightened thunderstorms and heavy rain on a daily basis (looking at you Florida). Make sure your truck is well-equipped to handle slick roads, and download a weather app to easily check the forecast.

6. Truck maintenance

Hot weather takes a toll on your truck, causing the brakes to fade faster and tires to blow out. Always inspect your brakes and tires before hitting the road to ensure they’re in optimal condition. Never leave tires deflated even a little bit, because this is what leads to blowouts. Prevention is the key to smooth sailing!

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