The Requirements for Driving a Truck and Having Passengers Ride Along
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The Requirements for Driving a Truck and Having Passengers Ride Along





Truck drivers are essential workers that make up the backbone of our country’s economy. They work hard to keep supply chains rolling, ensuring we have the products we depend on every day. 

With this said, there is a nationwide trucking shortage, making the demand for truckers high. This means the jobs are plentiful and lucrative, with generous benefits offered. 

If trucking is a career that interests you, keep reading to find out who exactly can drive a truck or ride along in the passenger seat during jobs.

Who is eligible to drive a truck?

Though it differs from state to state, the main requirement for truckers is a CDL license and high school diploma or GED. That makes it less time-consuming to start working.

In reference to state laws, some places allow local driving starting at 18 years old, with permission to cross state lines starting at 21 years old.

As mentioned before, different states require different things. For example, you may be asked to complete truck driving school, present a satisfactory work history or take a drug/ alcohol screening. 

Who is allowed to ride with you?

When it comes to co-pilots, there are currently no regulations forbidding a passenger in your semi. Therefore, when the road gets lonely, consider inviting along with a loved one or spouse.

A loved one or spouse can add a special element to your journey, turning your work into a trip. It’s also helpful since truckers often spend long hours on the road and need to stay alert.

There is also the option of bringing along your pet! The FMCSA does not have regulations regarding a furry co-pilot, however, it’s vital to check trucking company regulations first, as this varies pertaining to pets.  

Overall the key takeaway is that bringing along a travel companion is possible, but different trucking companies have different rules pertaining to passengers. Make sure to talk with them before buckling up.

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