Tips For Prepping Your Warehouse For the Holidays
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Tips For Prepping Your Warehouse For the Holidays





With the holiday season in full swing, the supply chain is taking on more and more pressure. It also doesn’t help that currently there is a global shipping crisis affecting the flow of things!

Nonetheless, warehouses have to be ready to accommodate moving inventory, especially when shopping is at an all-time high for Christmas. 

How can get your warehouse prepped and ready? Safety and organization are paramount, and in our post, we share a few vital tips to achieve this.

Optimize Your Warehouse Layout

The first thing you’ll want to do is sit down with your staff and go over the current warehouse layout. What can be improved? How can you make it easier and faster to workaround? What about safety measures?

A good starting point is to consult analytics and focus on the most popular products shoppers are buying this season. Create a layout that makes it easy to reach these products, as these are the items your staff will probably be working around the most.

Clear out aisles to prevent accidents and use signs and tape to enhance safety as the aisles get busy and inventory bulks up.

Go Over the Equipment With Your Operators

The last thing you want is to discover mid-season is that you don’t have enough forklifts handy when the inventory begins to pile up.

Prep your crew and ensure you have everything needed to make it through without a hitch. Implement maintenance and safety training, holding meetings with the operators to ensure all needs are met and they feel confident in their abilities.

Welcome More to Your Team

If needed, consider adding more employees to your warehouse supply chain. The holidays are a busy time, and a few temporary helping hands can really take the pressure off. 

Hire temporary employees at the start of the season to ensure they’re trained and ready as the holiday’s kick-off.

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