Truck Drivers Can Get Spooked on These Infamous Haunted Highways
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Truck Drivers Can Get Spooked on These Infamous Haunted Highways





A flannel-clad ghost, a screaming woman, and creepy roadside tombstones are just a few of the haunted attractions along some of America’s winding highways. 

In honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a list of some of the spookier routes for truck drivers to get into the spirit...and perhaps mingle with some spirits!

1. An Old Eerie Ghost Town on Highway 299

Head across California on Highway 299 and you’ll hit Old Shasta Town, which was once a major gold mining town back in the 1850s. Now, abandoned buildings still stand, housing secrets and stories from the Wild West days.

Drivers can stop by and walk through some of the buildings, although we can’t promise what else might be lurking around those old, dusty corners. 

The stretch between Old Shasta Town and Whiskeytown Lake is busting at the seams with ghost stories if you’re brave enough to stop and hear them.

2. A Creepy Abandoned Truck Stop on Route 66

The Tri-County Truck-Stop in Villa Ridge, MO on infamous Route 66 is one stop truckers might want to avoid unless of course, you’re looking for adventure.

You can’t miss this abandoned gem, as it looks just as creepy as the stories that surround it.

Supposedly a ghost wearing red flannel haunts the place, and objects have been known to move on their own inside the premises. 

Even a paranormal group spent time inside, deeming the truck stop 100% haunted.

3. The Screaming Woman and Tombstones of Route 2A

The 2A is a popular route for truckers, but around Aroostook County, Maine you might start to feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

First, if you look closely on the side of the road old tombstones can be seen, which sets the spooky tone of the drive.

But several ghost stories haunt this area, including reports of a woman on the side of the road screaming for help. The only thing is, when vehicles slow down to offer assistance, she vanishes without a trace.

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