What is a Pallet for Shipping Freight?
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What is a Pallet for Shipping Freight?





In the logistics industry, things move fast, which is why it’s important to use the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions for your freight.

This depends on a number of factors, chiefly what you are shipping, the size of your load, and the transportation used.

Pallets are one of the handiest tools for packaging freight. But what are they and how are they beneficial?

What is a pallet?

Pallets are made of wood or plastic, designed in a flat square shape that is strong and easy for forklifts to load and unload. Products are stored on a pallet without overhang, giving loads the support and cushioning for decreased risk of damages.

What are the benefits of using a pallet to ship goods?

Pallets offer many benefits that can help cut down on costs and boost supply chain efficiency.

1. Pallets are portable

The pallet design makes it easier to keep track of goods, especially if you are shipping a bulk amount of smaller items. You can stack many of them on one pallet, which simplifies moving more at once by using a forklift.

2. Pallets protect goods

These simple wood or plastic structures are incredibly durable, holding up under the weight of multiple products. Another bonus is that pallets keep products off the ground and away from standing water or dirt that can damage goods.

3. Pallets are reusable

Many businesses are adapting their supply chain practices to be greener, and a major part of that is by reducing plastic use. Pallets are a greener option because they are reusable. While cardboard and plastic packaging materials can only be used once, pallets can be dropped off at pallet recycle centers, resold, or stored for future use.

4. Pallets are versatile

People are using pallets for numerous projects. Whether you want to build simple furniture or start a garden, shredded to be used as mulch, or dissembled to be used as firewood.

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