Containerized Cargo Services

Containerized Cargo Services

From the moment your cargo arrives at port, ONTRAK is right there to handle every aspect of your containerized cargo shipment until it reaches its final destination. Our transloading team is highly attentive to ensure proper care and safety at all times. Our supply chain management experts utilize the best tech in the biz to track shipments with precision, so they get to where they’re going as fast as possible at no extra cost to you. We have vendor locations throughout the country, strategically placed near major ports and rail ramps. Check out our crane rigging services to see how your containers are moved and stored safely.

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Move Containers With Confidence

We’ve all dealt with container debacles at some point, but it definitely helps to have a logistics company by your side who can take on even the most challenging situations and turn them around. ONTRAK specializes in being a transportation problem solver. Our team is here to assess, execute and fully optimize your supply chain, so you can focus on more important matters.

With containers circulating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it makes sense to want your containerized cargo accounted for every step of the way, without sacrificing time and money. We make sure your cargo is well protected, utilizing innovative methods and efficient planning to get the results you want. ONTRAK is connected to the top intermodal vendors in the country, giving you plenty of options to move containers by truck or rail. We also offer warehousing if container storage is a priority for you.

Finally, we implement the latest management software to further protect your containerized cargo. Shipments are monitored around the clock and carefully tracked from the time it leaves port until it reaches its final destination. You can rest assured that your cargo is in the most experienced hands, no matter what you need to ship or where it needs to go.

“What I loved most about my experience with ONTRAK was the open communication. It’s refreshing to speak with a professional that is patient and takes the time to answer my questions. I was always kept in the loop with what was happening, and it made all the difference.”

Fork Lift

Need special equipment for your shipment? You can find it all at ONTRAK. We are your single source for all logistics services, with a fleet of vehicles that are commandeered by experienced and certified operators. 

From trucks to forklifts, we have access to reputable fleets that cover all of the bases. You don’t have to waste time shopping around, we can help you find exactly what you need at affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else.

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